Crush Fever X The Rising of the Shield Hero is Coming on 17th May

Mr. Qoo

Puzzle-solving mobile game Crush Fever (クラッシュフィーバー) announces that the collaboration with TV anime The Rising of the Shield Hero (盾の勇者の成り上がり) will start on 17th May.

Login Bonus

Players that login during the collaboration period (17th – 31st May) can get collaborated character ★6 Naofumi Iwatani (岩谷 尚文) Casual Wear Ver. Also, a total of 50 polygon, which can be used in the gacha, will be presented for players that login for 10 days.

▼★6 Naofumi Iwatani (岩谷 尚文) Casual Wear Ver. can be transformed into three different style

Collaboration Characters with Cast Voice

★6 Naofumi Iwatani (岩谷 尚文) & Raphtalia (ラフタリア)

★6 Raphtalia (ラフタリア)

★6 Filo (フィーロ)

★6 Melty (メルティ)

★6 Ren Amaki (天木 錬)

★6 Itsuki Kawasumi (川澄 樹)

Collaboration Quest

During the collaboration period, ★5 Zombie Dragon and ★5 Motoyasu Kitamura (北村 元康) can be obtained in special quests.

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