Lead the Handsome Ghoul! Otome Mobile Game Tokyo Debunker Starts Pre-registration!

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ZigZaGame’s dank fantasy otome game Tokyo Debunker (Tokyo Debunker~東京ディバンカー~) officially starts pre-registration.

As the manager of a special squad, players will be leading a team of handsome agents to fight against monsters that have recently appeared.

 Introduction PV


In 2018, a series of vicious night attacks caused by a mysterious creature brought terror to Shibuya, Tokyo. The Ministry of Health has formed the Unregistered Creature Removal Crew (UCRC) to deal with the creature that they name Nekomata (貓又).

Players play the role of a reporter specializing in writing urban legends. After sudden disappearance of the protagonist’s younger brother, a member of UCRC, she is determined to unveil the truth by investigating the Nekomata incidents.

However, soon she discovers that the Nekomata Story is just a cover-up. The UCRC is indeed hunting people with Cronos Gene. The possessor of this gene will lose their humanity and become ghouls. Even worse, she finds that the UCRC members also possess this gene…

Characters and Casts

The Debunkers

A team of SA Cronos formed by the Ministry of Health. To track down Cronos and detain them before they can cause any harm, the Debunkers investigate and expose the truth behind Tokyo’s myriad of urban legends

Adrenaline Junkie

A trendy retro arcade bar in the heart of sleepless Shibuya. The Debunkers’ base of operations.


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