Adventure RPG Arca Last Reveals Gameplay and Cast

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Fuji Games’ latest adventure RPG ARCA LAST (アルカ・ラスト 終わる世界と歌姫の果実) recently reveals its gameplay in a live broadcast.


The game revolves around seven protagonists, who has been summoned to seven realm to rebuild the world through destruction. Though each world has its own adventure story, you will discover that they all relate to one another.


The bonding between the characters is crucial in the game as it directly affects the story. Different character combinations will create special skill combos and bring advantages during the  battles.

Players can challenge powerful enemies during boss battles and different strategies are needed to counter their special skills.

Ark is the home base for the characters. Players can expand the ark and read the main story. Players can also strengthen the bonding between characters by inviting to eat dinner together in the Ark.

Characters and Casts

■ Crow(クロウ) – CV: Kenji Akabane (赤羽根健治)

■ Mitski (ミツキ) – CV: Saori Hayami(早見沙織)

■ Volker(フォルカー) – CV: Katsuyuki Konishi (小西克幸)

Cold Island
■ Corneille (コルネイユ) – CV: Natsuki Hanae(花江夏樹)

Dark Age
■ Valrhona(ヴァローナ) – CV: Yūko Kaida(甲斐田裕子)

Blazing Sun
■ Shuca(シュカ) – CV: Naomi Ozora (大空直美)

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