BL Novel Mobile Game Triangle/cross Now Available for Download

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Otomedou’s (おとめ堂) BL Novel Mobile Game Triangle/cross (トライアングルクロス) is now available for download.


Izumi(イズミ) and Yakumo(ヤクモ) are students of a Wizarding School. Izumi’s normal school life has changed tremendously when he meets an arrogant Nue (a Japanese monster that make terribly eerie bird cry), Shigure (シグレ), and a gloomy Kamaitachi (a legendary creature that rides with wind), Amagi (アマギ).

One the side, Yakumo (ヤクモ)is forced to take care of the devil brothers of Ritsuka (リツカ) and カゼハヤ (Kazehaya), who fight to win the hearts of Yakumo.

The story of the two love triangles officially starts…


■ Izumi(イズミ)

■ Shigure (シグレ)

■ Amagi (アマギ)

■ Yakumo(ヤクモ)

■ Ritsuka (リツカ)

■ カゼハヤ (Kazehaya)


Players could get 5 free tickets everyday to unlock story chapters. There will be different choices for the player to choose when the story proceeds, and each choice will affect your relationship with the characters differently.

Players can obtain items in the Gacha and change the clothes and accessories of the protagonist.


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