Mobcast's SRPG Seven Kingdoms and the Moon Shadow Mercenaries Now Available for Download!

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Mobcast’s latest mobile SRPG Seven Kingdoms and the Moon Shadow Mercenaries (ナナカゲ~7つの王国と月影の傭兵団~) is now available for download.

Under the PVP battling mode, players have to make use of the card’s features to win battles. One feature of the game is that you can trade cards with the opponents, which can largely affect the results.


Once upon a time when there were seven kingdoms living peacefully on the same land with the existence of angels and demons. But the rise of a new demon king brought pain and destruction. The seven kingdoms joint force with the angels and defeated the demon king at last. They sealed the fragments of his soul in seven towers and peace was finally restored.

In a night after 20 years, the rise of a blood moon breaks the seal and demons regain the power. The lost of ancient warriors put humans in danger and they have no choice but to seek help from a group of mercenaries. Holding different faith, the mercenaries fight against the demons by putting their lives on the line.


Players can appoint a character as commander. It will show on the main screen and the commender skills they had are different.


During battles, players can choose whether to move or attack on the field. Players can also draw a skill card every round and determine the best strategy on using it.


As different characters have different moving and attack range, players can form the best team according to their preferences.



Characters and Casts

■ Sai – CV: Daiki Yamashita (山下大輝)

■ Leah – CV: Kanae Ito (伊藤かな恵)

■ Telos – CV: Rie Murakawa(村川梨衣)

■ Argos – CV:Hiro Shimono(下野纮)

■ Effie – CV:井澤詩織(いざわしおり)

■ Tina – CV: Saori Hayami(早見沙織)

■ Atasha – CV: Ai Kayano(茅野愛衣)

Pre-registration Rewards

To celebrate the pre-registration reaching 40,000 pre-registered players, Gems X 3000 and mercenary Scotta will be presented.


Official Site

Official Twitter

ナナカゲ~7つの王国と月影の傭兵団~熱いPVPバトルSRPG、TCGカードゲーム、ユニット育成! Seven Kingdoms and the Moon Shadow Mercenaries ナナカゲ~7つの王国と月影の傭兵団~熱いPVPバトルSRPG、TCGカードゲーム、ユニット育成! Mobcast Games Inc. 3.2 More
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