Exys Kick-Starts new Vtuber Agency Kikuru with Auditions for Aspiring Vtubers

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Exys, the company behind the mobile spin-off game for OVERLORD, has established its very own Vtuber agency! To start things off, the agency will be holding auditions for aspiring Vtubers.

<<Official Exys Press Release>>

Exys Inc. announced the establishment of its new Vtuber agency “Kikuru” on April 25th, 2019.

New Vtuber Agency Video Announcement:

Kikuru YouTube Channel

■ Voice Actor Audition for Vtuber – The “Recruitment of Souls”

Kikuru needs “souls” for its Vtubers. “Souls” exactly stand for their personality, way of life, way of speaking and voice quality and actually, Kikuru’s Vtubers have not gotten their souls yet. Unfortunately, we are only looking for applicants for Vtubers from people living in Japan, however, we are always looking for co-workers from all over the world. If you have an interest in our company and you think about working at a company based in Japan, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can take advantage of your experience of web-advertising, web market research or direction of TV shows or radio.


She is a Vtuber who thinks of herself as a high-school student living in Tokyo. She uploads gameplays, English conversation, ASMR and other kinds of videos on her channel. She could make her debut thanks to the latest technology used by Exys Vtuber project. She always tries to do a lot of challenges for entertainment to make everyone smile.

YouTube Channel


The recently revealed Vtubers made their debut as Exys’s second Vtubers. “Shia Vivi” (piglet figure) and “Shia Lami” (human figure) are two devil sisters.

YouTube Channel

Kikuru Official Website and Audition Links

Official Site

Audition Site

Exys Official Site

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