Your Adventure with Legendary Swordsmen Begins! Otome Ken Musashi Officially Launches!

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Karinto latest otome mobile game Otome Ken Musashi (乙女剣武蔵) officially launches. The game invites you to take an adventure with the handsome descendants of the legendary samurai and have fun on nurturing your favourite characters.


Kokura An (小倉庵) is a care-free high school girl living in the countryside. After she picks up a broken wooden sword in an abandoned warehouse, strange things start to happen – some people keep coming to her and trying to fight her. Later, she finds out she is actually the successor to legendary swordsman Miyamoto Musashi (宮本 武蔵).

The high schools in the Otome Ken Musashi universe have all enrolled descendants of renowned Japanese Samurai, including Sasaki Kojirou (佐々木 小次郎), Yagyuu Jyuubei (柳生 十兵衞), Takasugi Shinsaku (高杉 晋作), Sakamoto Ryoma (坂本竜馬) and Katsura Kogoro(桂 小五郎) and many more.


Players can enjoy the fully voice-acted story, which are voiced by renowned cast, such as Natsuki Hanae (花江 夏樹), Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (松岡 禎丞), Takuya Satō (佐藤拓也) and Yūki Ono (小野友樹). The heroine, Kokura An, is voiced by Natsumi Hioka (日岡 なつみ).

Stunning visuals created by Yoshiwara Higanbana (吉原彼岸花) illustrator Ranpumi can also be obtained as the story proceeds.

The battling system is simple as you just need to connect the words in line according to the example given.

During battles, characters’s costume and style will transform into battling mode.

A random Senryū (Japanese form of short poem) will also be obtained to celebrate your winnings.


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