Kengan Ashura Mobile Game 12/06 Release Date Announced

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CYBIRD and Shogakugan’s Kengan Ashura spin-off mobile game, Kengan Ultimate battle (ケンガン ULTIMATE BATTLE) has announced that the game will be officially released on 12th June!

In the game, players will be able to collect different fighters and equip different skills on their fighters to use during fights. Players will also be able to equip their fighters with “muscles” that will improve the stats of their fighters.

The game is currently available for pre-registration. All the previously announced pre-registration milestones have already been reached. The game’s official website teases that new rewards may be revealed when the pre-registration number reaches over 100,000.


About the Series

Kengan Ashura is a Tokita Ohma, a.k.a The Asura, a fighter who fights the Nogi group of the Kengan Association. In the new game, players will play as the president of a business corporation who likes to pick fighters t fight in Kengan Matches. Players will have to train fighters to win glory on behalf of their company.

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