Colopl's Latest Mobile RPG Project Babel Preloads Starts on 11th June

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Today (30th May), Colopl announced its latest mobile RPG Project Babel (最果てのバベル) will be available for preload on 11th June. Together with the release of a second PV, the game also reveals gameplay details.

Written by Kazushige Nojima (野島 一成), the writer behind several Final Fantasy titles including FFVII, FFVIII and more, the game received high expectation for its grand universe and detailed settings. The game also invites Hitoshi Sakimoto (崎元 仁), composer of Final Fantasy XII and Tactics Ogre, to create the score for the project.


The story revolves around a mysterious Tower of Babel, which stands in the center of the world. Citizens live on a street that has lost civilization and an extremely dense forest shut them from the outside world. Living in a city like this, 17-year-old Rye yearns for freedom and his wish has been granted as a vicious attack burns the whole city.

Young Rye survives from the incident and he is able to run off from the city. During the escape, Rye finds a way to enter the tower and meets a girl in a cage, Milesia. The encounter has therefore changed their destiny.


Characters can be equipped with three jobs and each has different skills. Players will be able to nurture the characters through battles and collecting items.

Players can decide the formation of the team and characters abilities will be enhanced in different formations.

Team formation becomes crucial as every enemy have unique weaknesses. Players also need to consider the timing to release the ultimate skills of each character.

Characters and Cast

■ Rye(ライ) – CV: Atsushi Abe(阿部敦)

■ Milesia(マイリージャ) – CV: (石川由依)

■ Pokke(ポッケ) – CV: Sumire Morohoshi(諸星すみれ)

■ Itaku(イタク) – CV: Soma Saito(斉藤壮馬)

■ Tonoto (トノト) – CV: Daichi Endō(遠藤大智)

2nd PV

Cast Comments

Rye(ライ) – CV: Atsushi Abe(阿部敦)

Milesia(マイリージャ) – CV: (石川由依)

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