Otomate Latest Mobile Game Crimson Clan Confirmed Release Date on 4th July

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Otomate’s (オトメイト) latest mobile game Crimson Clan (クリムゾンクラン) has confirmed its release date on 4th July and pre-download will be available on 27th June.


Crimson Clan is set against a backdrop of a dark fantasy game. The protagonist, Akasaki Mirai (朱崎未来) has downloaded a mysterious app, Crimson Clan, and is involved into a deadly survival game. In order to survive, she has to develop bonding with people from different “clan”, though they may turn their backs on her at anytime.


Players will follow the story of the protagonist Akasaki (whose name can be changed) and develop teams with characters obtained from Gacha.

The battle system is simple and players can turn on the auto mode in the game. Players can upgrade the level of the characters during battles, which help unlock the main story.

Each character can summon different guardians (ガーディアン), which brings advantages in the battles.

Voice cast Takaya Kuroda (黒田崇矢) will be the voice of the protagonist’s guardian, Phoenix (フェニックス).

Voice Cast’s Comment

A special video featuring voice cast Yūki Kaji (梶裕貴) is also revealed. He will be the voice of Ryo Arisato (有里 諒).

Pre-registration Rewards

Pre-registration has reached 800,000 and rewards will be presented to all players, including gacha tickets. An addition bonus, SR card Ryo Arisato will be rewarded if pre-registration reaches 900,000.

2nd PV

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