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So assuming you’ve already picked completed your reset marathon and you’re ready to start your journey in The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross here are all the things you need to know to get you well on your way to mastering the things you need to know to play!

Table of Contents

1. Combat 101
2. Items & Set Effects
3. Costumes
4. Main Story vs Requests

Combat 101

The combat for Grand Cross features a turn-based skill command system. Each turn, the system will deal random skill cards for players to use that turn depending on which characters they have in their party. Each character has three different skills, one attack, one special, and one ultimate. Attack and Special cards can be combined to a maximum of three stars. To combine, simply place 2 of the same cards side-by-side (1 star + 1 star = 2 star, 2 star + 2 star = 3 star). Combining cards to three-star has multiple benefits depending on individual skills. The effects range from increased damage to buff/debuff duration increase and increased effects. Combining cards will also add to the specific character’s. Ultimate bar. When the bar is full, the character’s ultimate card will be dealt to players in the following turn.

Ultimate cards cannot be combined, however, once players reach Rank 10, they will be able to equip support characters to their main party. These support characters will apply stat boosts to the main character. Different character combinations will have different effects including stat increase and most importantly Combo Ultimates. Combo Ultimates will be available when players apply specific characters to their main party characters, for example for SSR Ban (Snatch), having King as a supporting character will unlock the combo ultimate. Combo ultimates are generally stronger than the normal ultimates. Note that not all characters in the game have combo ultimates. To check whether or not your character has a combo ultimate, simply go to the character screen and tap on the ultimate skill. If the characters have a combo ultimate, it will show right next to the normal ultimate.

To know which characters you need for your combo ultimate, most of the time, the character required will be shown on the combo ultimate skill image. Specific icons will also appear when you are equipping a supporting character to indicate whether or not that character has bonus effects if equipped to the main character.

Passive Skills

In the first Seven Deadly Sins Grand Cross guide, for the recommended characters we mentioned passive skills. These passive skills are not hidden passives but are shown in the character information screen. When players first obtain the character, the passive skill will be locked. To unlock the passive skill, players will have to power up their characters to at least 16K combat power (CP). The specific CP players have to reach for their character depends on the character. Once the character reaches the CP required, players will have to go back to the character screen and tap the passive skill icon to gain access to a special stage. Clearing this special stage will unlock the passive skill for the character permanently.

The easiest way to increase a character’s CP is to raise the level of the character. Players will have to rely on items to break through the CP threshold.

Items & Set Effects

▲Item Main Stats

Unlike other mobile gacha games, Grand Cross doesn’t have specific item dungeons. Instead, players will have to farm different stages in each chapter to get the sets they want. Each chapter will drop different sets, and each stage will focus on one specific slot (Helm, Bracelet, Ring, Necklace, etc.). Players will have to progress through the main story to gain access to the sets they want to farm. As the game is right now, not all item sets can be farmed.

Alternatively, players can also use their gems on the item gacha. This will randomly give players items. The set and the quality is all RNG. Participating in PvP will reward players with Gear Gacha chests. Players will be able to get item sets that can’t currently be farmed.

*Crit Defense reduces damage taken from crit hits, Crit Resist reduces the change of being critically hit.

Item upgrades can be broken down into three main parts. Strengthening, Awakening, and “polishing”. Strengthening is raising the item level (+1 -> +2), Awakening is unlocking additional effects, this can be done when the item reaches specific levels. Finally, polishing is to fine tune the specific stats on an item. Polishing additional stats require gems for items of higher rarity. Polishing the main stat only costs gold.


Costumes are pretty much just Skins with stat boosts. When players obtain a costume, most of the time, it will already be equipped to the related character. Equipped costumes and how the character looks is not related. Players can equip all their costumes at the same time but only select one to show as the main skin. Meaning, players can benefit from all the stat boost effects from the costumes they have without having to compromise on the looks of their character.

Costumes can be obtained by evolving characters and from the in-game costume shop.

Main Story vs Request

Grand Cross has two major quest lines for players to explore. The first is the Main Story campaign. This is a recollection of the main story events of the original series. The other is Village Requests. Village requests are side quests that players can take on to improve their affinity with the different villages in the main chapter.

When you first start the game, it is highly recommended that you focus on the main story campaign. This is because as you progress further in the main story campaign, you’ll be rewarded with different SR and SSR versions of the main characters, this is important because, in certain main mission quests, players will be restricted to using members of the Seven Deadly Sins. Additionally, obtaining these characters will also unlock different features in the Boar Hat tavern.

Another reason for focusing on the main story campaign is that upon reaching a new chapter, players will have access to different stages that will drop different item sets. This is incredibly useful if you want perfect the stats of your main characters.

▲ Main Quests = Yellow Requests = Blue

Village Requests will be more important later on in the game. The reason for this is because when you raise your affinity with the different villages, you will have access to harder difficulty stages in that chapter. The harder the difficulty, the better the loot, meaning, you will be able to equip much better items on your characters to easily reach the CP required to unlock their passives.

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