DELiGHTWORKS INDIES x AREA35 Shares News on TINY METAL at Bitsummit

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At BitSummit 7 Spirits, the largest indie game convention in Japan, AREA35 revealed new information and showcased playable demos for TINY METAL: Full Metal Rumble, their Nintendo Switch game made in collaboration with DELiGHTWORKS INDIES (DWI).

The new game inherits the tactical gameplay and art style of its predecessors. Despite the high barrier of entry of the genre, TINY METAL: Full Metal Rumble is fairly forgiving and friendly to casual players. For fans of the tactical genre, the game also offers a challenging experience that requires a more strategic approach.

▲ Demo at BitSummit 7 Spirits


In search of her missing brother, Wolfram braved the icy mountains of “Land’s・End”, but as she was in pursuit of her brother’s tracks, she came under attack from a mysterious faction.

On the hand, in search of “Lost Tech”, Artemisian commander Nathan Gries, the mysterious faction and the Shikuma faction from the east heads steps closer towards war.

▲ Actual Gameplay

BitSummit Stage Event

on 2nd June, DWI’s Haruyoshi Saruwatari (猿渡 晴義) and AREA35’s Hiroaki Yura (由良 浩明) talked about the upcoming TINY METAL: Full Metal Rumble at the “The DWI and its bug plan!” stage event.

TINY METAL: Full Metal Rumble will be developed by AREA35 whilst DWI will perform QA (Quality Assurance) for the game and offer advice to further enhance the game. Yura explained at the event that since AREA35 is a small team of only four people, having DWI further polish and check the game allows the development team to focus on the game’s development, and he is very grateful for that.

During the event, Saruwatari shared that being a third party, it is easier to look at the pros and cons of the game. Since the development team is small, it is quite easy to miss any hidden problems with the game, especially with the difficulty settings of the game. When creating a game, the creators are constantly trying the game, this could lead to high difficulty settings as they are more used to the game’s system. Having someone who hasn’t handled the game often check the difficulty prevents this problem. DWI will also be publishing and promoting the game alongside the game’s development.

Closing towards the end of the event, new information on the game was revealed including commanders, commander powers, time-limited squadron buffs, and a variety of different effects that players can activate. Yura also stated during the event that the game will feature new mechs.

Finally, as fans have constantly been asking about the price and release date of the game, Saruwatari announced that fans will not have to wait for long, as the game will be released soon. Pre-orders for the game will also be available in Japan as well as several other regions.


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