THE KING OF FIGHTERS Isekai Light Novel Series Coming Soon

Mr. Qoo

Following their previous KOF For Girls, SNK has announced that the KOF isekai light novel series, The King of Fantasy Yamagi Iori no Isekai Musou (THE KING OF FANTASY 八神庵の異世界無双), will be released in Japan on 5th July!

The new series will revolve around Iori who has been transported to another world after a fight with Kyo Kusanagi. after arriving to this new world, Iori saves a female knight by the name of Altena (アルテナ). Together they embark on an isekai journey in “Esaga” (エサーガ公国).

The series is written by Nobuhiko Tenkawa (天河 信彦) and illustrated by SNK illustrator – Eisuke Ogura (おぐら えいすけ), will be published by KADOKAWA.


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