QooApp x Hiraethia Here at Anime Expo 2019

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Anime Expo 2019 has started in LA! QooApp is proud to announce that for Anime Expo 2019, we will be working together with the creators of Hiraethia to bring to you the latest anime games, the pre-registration for Hiraethia, and all sorts of goodies to take home with your from our booth.

QooApp x Hiraethia Booth:

About the Game

Hiraethia is a turn-based mobile RPG with a puzzle-based twist. Players will be able to make choices that will affect the outcome of their game. With no energy/stamina system in the game, players will be able to dive down the rabbit hole and fully explore the world of Hiraethia without any in-game restrictions.


A sinister pandemic encroaches the world. As the entire nation crumbles, a group of unlikely adventurers discovers its cause. With their newfound powers, they must find a cure to save the world. However, a hidden evil force stands against them.

In addition to being able to bring home special QooApp merch for pre-registering for the game at Anime Expo 2019, visitors will also be able to try Hiraethia first hand!

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Pre-Registration Rewards

Vesta Soul: Hiraethia Vesta Soul: Hiraethia Vesta Soul: Hiraethia Auragon, Inc. Release Date: Unspecified Pre-register
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