Monster Strike Announced a New Simulation Mobile Game Monster Dream Company

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XFLAG announced a spin-off game, Monster Dream Company (モンストドリームカンパニー), based on the worldwide mobile hit, Monster Strike (モンスターストライク). Set to release this Summer, the game has started pre-registration.


With an aim to build the company of your dream, players will lead the employee of your company and battle against the opponent companies to earn fundings in the dice battles.

The game draws reference from Japanese board game Sugoroku (双六), while players have to move forward by drawing dice and defending the enemies’ attack. Players also need to collect enough funding in limited moves. The game supports four-player mode and you can win more awards by joining hands with your friends.

With enough funding, players can build different themed workplace, such as office, club and Izakaya restaurant.


The signature characters from Monster Strike will be appearing in the game, including:

■ Businessman Sakamoto Ryōma

■ Journalist Arthur

■ NEET Lucifer

■ Businessman Ochimusha (Defeated Warrior)

Pre-registration Rewards

1: Businessman Ochimusha + Gacha Ticket X1
20,000: Gacha Ticket X2
50,000: Gacha Ticket X3
80,000: The Room of Gabriel + Gacha Ticket X4
100,000: The Angel of New Beginnings Gabriel + Gacha Ticket X10

Official Site

Official Twitter

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