New Anime for Crayon Shin-chan Series! SUPER SHIRO is Coming on 14th October!

Mr. Qoo

The famous character of Crayon Shin-chan (レヨンしんちゃん) , Shiro is having a new anime this October! Titled SUPER SHIRO, the anime series will be directed by Devilman Crybaby director Masaaki Yuasa (湯浅 政明).

The spin-off anime portrays Shiro, who is supposedly a very normal dog, is actually a superhero. He will be protecting the earth from the attack of aliens in human forms.

Mari Mashiba (真柴 摩利) reprises her role as Shiro, while Akio Ōtsuka (大塚 明夫) voices over Shiro when he transforms into a superhero. The human-formed alien Bevo (ビボー) will be played by voice actress Yukana (ゆかな) and Shiro’s competitor Dekapu (デカプ) will be played by voice actor Anri Katsu (勝杏里).

The anime will be on air on 14th October in AbemaTV.


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