Otomate’s Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Arrives on Smartphone!

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Otomate visual novel game Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ (Code:Realize ~創世の姫君~) is now available to download on smartphones! Code:Realize ~創世的公主~ Originally released on PlayStation Vita in 2014 in Japan, the game is known for its steampunk aesthetic and a cast of literary and historical figures. The game also is followed by sequels Code: Realize − Future Blessings, Code: Realize ~Bouquet of Rainbows~, and Code: Realize − Shirogane no Kiseki.


The game follows Cardia who lives an isolated life in an abandoned mansion. Her body carries a deadly poison that rots or melts anything that her skin touches - causing the locals to call her "monster". One day, the Royal Guards break into her house and capture her. Without a clue of what’s going on, she then meets a thief named Arsène Lupin who offers to break her out of her prison. From there, Cardia finds herself on a journey of new friendships and love.


The story is fully voiced and players can enjoy the game with its fast-forward or auto mode. Through choices in dialogue, players will go through various routes with each character and hopefully fall in love in the meantime. Code:Realize ~創世的公主~ Code:Realize ~創世的公主~ Download the game and reading the prologue is free. In-game payment JPY$2800 is needed for the full version.

Characters and Cast

■ Arsène Lupin - CV:Tomoaki Maeno (前野 智昭) Code:Realize ~創世的公主~ ■ Abraham Van Helsing - CV: Junichi Suwabe (諏訪部 順一) Code:Realize ~創世的公主~ ■ Victor Frankenstein - CV: Tetsuya Kakihara (柿原 徹也) Code:Realize ~創世的公主~ ■ Saint-Germain - CV:Daisuke Hirakawa (平川 大輔) Code:Realize ~創世的公主~

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