The Final Wish of Behemoth: Review on To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts EP4

Mr. Qoo

It is a pretty good episode for this week, “To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts” (かつて神だった獣たちへ) highlighted by the battle of Hank vs. Behemoth.

Hank receives a command to take down the enormous Behemoth, an Incarnate soldier who insists to march towards the east with the risk of clashing the iron bridge. Even though no one is harmed during the marching, Hank has to kill the beast in order to protect the iron bridge, also known as the symbol of peace connecting the border of the north and the south.

I always love the flashback when Hank talks about the former days during the civil war. He reminds us that the beasts were once human and have their own stories.

Behemoth, who formerly known as Arthur Allston was a man of few words, who faithfully followed orders and never complained about harsh duties, showing no desires nor emotions. But the gentle expression on his face is more than enough to showcase his kind and tender-hearted personality.

Unlike the uncontrollable Incarnates in the previous episodes, Behemoth still has humanity inside of him. The kind man has a final wish before he dies, and that’s why he insists to march to the east. He tries hard to avoid humans just so he can see the ocean.

Behemoth has a special ability as his skin and fresh will revive and get stronger whenever he was attacked. The strategy that Hank uses to break his defence is undoubtedly a must-watch.

Even though Hank has to kill Behemoth at the end, he manages to find a way to fulfil his wish while preserving the bridge at the same time. Behemoth is seriously injured after the battle with Hank, but he still wouldn’t stop marching. The scene becomes increasingly emotional when Hank shouts to Behem: “Don’t break the era that you create”. It reminds us that although the Incarnates help bring peace to the country, they are not allowed to realize one tiny wish.

The tears shed by the beast when he finally sees the ocean really moves me. It was a wish that he already had when he participated the civil war. This final wish probably supported him to overcome the pain during wars. His dream finally comes trues but it costs his life. It is just super sad…QAQ

I can’t imagine how painful Hank is when he has to kill his dear comrade. It is just lucky that Schaal is by his side as her existence gives condolence to Hank.

The appearance of Cain Madhouse and a mysterious girl sews the seed for the upcoming battles and I am dying to see the full picture of his ability. It looks like he can change people into vampires, if really so he will be a tough one to break.

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