The Ruined Friendship: Review on TV Anime BEM EP3

Mr. Qoo

Thank god this episode is much better than last week’s. The storyline is undoubtedly more intense when it follows the plot of the shadow man (a ninja villain) who assassinates politicians that are trying to reform the Libra City.

The protagonist of this episode is Belo, who makes a friend, Daryl, in Outside’s arcade when Daryl challenges Belo on a zombie-shooting game. However, it is sad to know that when Belo begins to open up to Daryl, the cruel incidents immediately tears the friendship apart.

Regardless of the fact that the shadow man killed Daryl’s father, the secretary-bodyguard of the politician, Daryl misunderstands that Belo is the one who kills his father.

It breaks my heart when Belo shouts to Daryl that it is not him, trying to convince his friend to trust him. But it sounds unbelievable when Daryl witnesses the process of Belo’s transformation and his body is covered in his father’s blood.

As Daryl has a dream of inheriting the politician’s vision of reforming the city, it seems that he will return in following episodes. I just hope that he will learn the truth about the murder later on or the tragedy will go on.

The fast and intense fighting scenes between Belo and the shadow man is a pleasant to watch. The monster form of Belo looks a lot like the original design of the 1968 anime and I wonder if he has a second transformation form like Bela.

The mysterious guy who keeps appearing after the villain dies also intrigues me. I wonder if he is the doctor (mentioned in episode 1) who tries to do experiments to create monster by collecting the corpse of the fallen villain.

The existence of the Bem trio also raise attention of other monsters, which means trouble is coming and I can’t wait to see the next episode!

*Episode 4 will be delayed in light of the fire incident of Kyoto Animation.

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