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Bleach Brave Souls Producer Jun Morimoto Exclusive Interview

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July 23rd marked the 4th anniversary of KLab’s Bleach Brave Souls, the highly popular mobile action RPG based on Tite Kubo’s manga series Bleach. In these four years, the game has given Bleach fans an entertaining way to preserve the memories of their favorite characters.

On 7th July QooApp was honored with a chance to sit down with the Bleach Brave Souls’ producer Jun Morimoto at Japan Expo 2019 to talk about his thoughts on the game and what fans can expect from the game in the future.

Over the four years, the game has been released, Bleach Brave Souls has undergone many major updates. Looking back over all this time, Morimoto explains that a significant and memorable milestone was implementing the Co-Op Mode. “When the game first released, there wasn’t anything that allowed players to play together. Players could still play the story mode of the game. But we felt that something was still lacking. When we released Co-Op Mode, the players really appreciated it and it gave them something new to enjoy. This is why it is the most memorable milestone.”

Morimoto further explained that although Co-Op Mode was the most significant milestone, there are many further improvements made to the game that he is happy with. “Visual improvements have been constantly made to the game, both to the 2D and 3D graphics. There aren’t any major milestones for those due to the limitations of the mobile platform, but we have worked to maintain anime-level qualities for our players.”

Although the Bleach series officially came to an end back in 2016, Bleach Brave Souls has introduced new versions of Bleach characters from the series’ spin-off novel series “Can’t Fear Your Own World” with recent updates. With all the exciting new looks, we asked Morimoto whether or not the game will ever release a fully original character exclusively for the game. To which, Morimoto answered no.

Although the game won’t introduce original characters, Morimoto expressed that “new versions of existing characters will be added to the game with a special twist. Depending on the story and scenarios of different events, players will be able to collect unique versions of their favorite characters, from Christmas and Summer looks to more visually distinctive looks like the 3rd anniversary Ulquiorra.” Morimoto further added that many of these versions are authorized by the series’ creator Tite Kubo.

Speaking of characters, we were interested in knowing which of all the characters released in the game is Morimoto’s favorite. Despite wearing a t-shirt with Ulquiorra, Morimoto answered that his favorite character is Ichigo’s Final Getsugatensho Version, the look based on the epic battle between Ichigo and Aizen in the 14th season of the series. “This version is my favorite because I think that this version of Ichigo is the coolest looking one.”

To conclude the interview, Morimoto shared a few words for fans all over the world. “We have gone through many trials and errors to make the game more successful, and we will continue to do so in the future. I hope that players will stay with us and look forward to future updates we bring to the game.”

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