2019 Comic Exhibition Carole & Tuesday Sumire Uesaka Meet & Greet

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To promote their original TV anime series, Carole & Tuesday, Netflix held a special stage event on 3rd August, during the 2019 Comic Exhibition in Taipei, inviting Sumire Uesaka who will be voicing Angela Carpenter in the new series.


About the Series

Carole & Tuesday is set in the future on a partially terraformed Mars and revolves around Tuesday Simmons who ran away from her upscale lifestyle as the daughter of a politician to Alba City to pursue her dreams as a musician. In Alba City, she crosses paths with Carole Stanley, an aspiring musician who plays the piano. Together they create the singer-songwriter duo “Carole & Tuesday”.

Rie Uesaka Meet & Greet


In the series, Uesaka voices Angela Carpenter, a renowned model who works alongside Tao, a music producer, to become a recognized singer. During the event, Uesaka stated that Angela’s character setting is very similar to herself, a person who stepped into the world of a music performer from another industry. Uesaka stated that this helped her step into the shoes of the character. She also mentioned that the best part of being a voice actress is being able to become all sorts of different characters. Uesaka also commented portraying a confident character like Angela who is both a model and singer has brought her a lot of joy.

Backstage Interview

Uesaka: After the event, Uesaka took questions from QooApp and other media regarding the series and her role as Angela Carpenter backstage.


■ How did you feel when you got the news of participating in Carole & Tuesday?

Uesaka: Because this is an original series, during the auditions, I wasn’t sure what sort of anime it would be. All the voice actors and actresses who went to audition only got the script during the audition and had little time to study the story and its development. Because of this, when I got the role of Angela, I still didn’t really know the character well. To be able to use my own experience to portray the character is quite interesting to me.

■ How is working with Hiroshi Kamiya (voice actor of Tao)? Are there any interesting stories during recording?

Uesaka: A mini-animation was recently released on YouTube featuring chibi characters in various situations. In this particular episode, Kamiya had a really long and complicated line, after reading the line he said “I don’t want to voice such a complicated line!” but when we started recording, he read the line perfectly on the first try, afterwards he had a really smug look and said “please use this one!” and I thought “as expected of Kamiya-san!”

■ Carole & Tuesday is an AI-themed music anime, what were your thoughts when you first heard of the idea?

Uesaka: The series is set in the future on Mars. A society where AI handles a lot of things in day-to-day life. This feels quite similar to our lives now, but with exaggerations. Because everything is created with AI, it makes people want to listen to the songs that Carole and Tuesday create, something that touches their hearts.

■ What is your favorite series on Netflix?

Uesaka: I quite like Street Food. Ther are a lot of interesting documentaries on Netflix, I personally enjoy watching food documentaries. There’s an episode on Street Food that is set in Taiwan. I haven’t watched it yet but I can’t wait to go back and watch it.

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