Hank Finally Gone Mad: Anime Review on To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts EP6

Mr. Qoo

The situation of this week’s “To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts” (かつて神だった獣たちへ) really goes downhill, when Schaal is shot by Cain, turning Hank into a giant wolf beast.

Hank works so hard to keep a clear head, but nothing works when Cain shoots Schaal right in front of him.

It is not hard to imagine how desperate Hank must be as it reminds the powerless feeling when Cain killed Elaine. I hope everything is ok for Schaal, considering the fact that she may be the only one that could bring Hank back to normal.

The silver-haired beast form of Hank is extremely cool and it reminds me of Fenrir in Norse mythology. Cain refer Hank as the King of Beast. Considering that he has three forms of transformation and the “God Killer” bullet has no use on him. Maybe there is really something special about Hank!

The ability of Cain really surprises me as no creature on earth should be able to survive after his head was blown off. It also appears that Cain can control the blood within people (which would explain why the poor lady killed her husband). How Hank is going to beat this villain?

Cain actually makes a very interesting point about humanity in the gala. If the Incarnates have to die because they lose their humanity. Why humans have the right to kill the Incarnates when they created the powerful soldiers for their own greed and then tossed the Incarnates away as long as they have no use?

He almost convinced me as getting humans have a taste of their own medicine isn’t really a bad idea… Although there is nothing right about his killing, there is nothing right about the behaviour of the humans either!

Anyway, I look forward to Hank’s response in regards to the hatred of Cain and maybe he can give a better answer to this.

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