Kono Oto Tomare!: Sounds of Life 2nd Season Revealed Teaser Video

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TV anime adaptation of Amyu’s music manga Kono Oto Tomare!: Sounds of Life (この音とまれ!)  will continue its second cour on 5th October. A teaser video was recently streamed, showcasing a snippet of the new opening theme, “Harmony”, performed by voice actor Shouta Aoi (蒼井 翔太).

The series began airing the first half in April and the second season will continue the story of the first half. Ryōma Mizuno (水野 竜馬) continues to be the series director at Platinum Vision, with movie “Gekijōban Servamp: Alice in the Garden” screenwriter Ayumu Hisao (久尾 歩) handling series composition, and Junko Yamanaka designing the characters. Voice actor Yūma Uchida (内田雄馬) will perform the show’s untitled ending theme song.


The story focuses on the Koto club of the Tokise high school. Takezo Kurata, in his second year, is the only member left in the Koto club, tries to recruit more members into the club. Good news come as Kudo Chika submits his application.

But, since Kudo is known to be a delinquent, one who destroyed his own grandfather’s koto shop, Takezō is apprehensive about him. Things change when he comes to know the truth.

When more members join the club in time, they encourage each other towards the same goal – to play at the Koto Nationals competition.

Characters and cast

■ Chika Kudo (久遠 愛) – CV: Yuma Uchida (内田雄馬)

■ Takezo Kurata (倉田武蔵) – CV: Junya Enoki (榎木 淳弥)

■ Satowa Hozuki (鳳月さとわ) – CV: Atsumi Tanezaki (種﨑 敦美)

■ Tetsuki Takaoka (高岡哲生) – CV: Yoshimasa Hosoya (細谷 佳正)

■ Mio Kanzaki (神崎 澪) – CV: Shouta Aoi (蒼井 翔太)

■ Saneyasu Adachi (足立 実康) – CV: Haruki Ishiya (石谷 春貴)

■ Michitaka Sakai (堺 通孝) – CV: Makoto Furukawa (古川 慎)

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