Smartphone RPG Gumball & Dungeons Major Updates in August!

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Qcplay’s smartphone RPG Gumball & Dungeons recently had a major update on its global server, bringing more exciting events to players. Check out the updated content at below!

<<Official Gumballs Dungeons Press Release>>

Popular adventure RPG Gumballs & Dungeons, jointly operated by Qcplay, Leiting, and Electronic Soul, was updated on 8th August. New contents for the updated version includes: New maze, Bracada College; New Gumballs, Principal and Revenge Archer; and 88 Gumball Carnival events.

New Maze:Bracada College

New maze, Bracada College, is added to the game!  Following the incident of Dawn War III, which harshly struck Bracada College,  numerous academic research were lost in the battle…

Bracada College is a chaotic mage’s college, where you can enhance your equipment with the magical stones. Defeat the villain Bloody Professor and be the hero of this college! (Clear Forest of Whispers to unlock this maze)

■ Stone System

Adventurers can collect stones in the maze and blend them with the energy at the alchemy lab. Different stones combination will bring different effects. The Energon obtained from the alchemy process can also activate the magic array, as well as obtaining the Totipotential Ring.

There is also a chance to obtain the Energy Waste, which are useful resources to activate the magic array. Be cautious! If you don’t follow the energy blending rules, you may create a great explosion and damage the Gumball!

You can also create a Legendary Stone during the blending process. This stone can be used to enhance the Totipotential Ring. If you need a specific stone, you can reform the stones by using the Energy Transformer.

■ Resonance System

The equipment mechanism is a bit different at this maze. Players can enhance their equipment by using the Resonance system. Experimental equipment is available in the maze. It may have poor abilities at the beginning, but its potential is huge. Enhance the equipment with Stones! If your combinations are correct, you will have chances to activate special effects!

■ Maze Boss: Bloody Professor

Bloody Professor

Class: Human

Bio Experiment- Attack every 3 rounds, deal triple damage to the enemy, Poison Plague effect attached (Decrease the MAX HP by 10%, this effect can be superimposed and can’t be cleaned, valid only in this floor)

Engulf- Devour 1 Test Subject when the Hunger is full, increase the Attack by 10% and recover HP by 20% (Lost HP by 3% if there is no Test Subject available)
BioArmor- Physical Resistance +30%, Spell Resistance +30%

As Bloody Professor is good at poisoning, the longer the fight is, the situation will be more disadvantageous for players. Besides, his ability, Engulf, can greatly enhance Attack and restore HP. Players have to attack him calm and fast. You are also reminded to destroy his “food” during battles. If he feels hungry, his HP will largely decrease!

New Gumballs:Principal & Revenge Archer

If you clear the maze successfully, you can rescue Principal Gumball, as well as obtaining Revenge Archer Gumball by opening the Cursed Chest!

Principal Gumball

In the Bracada College, Principal Gumball is admired by everybody for her unique charisma, apart from her profound knowledge and enviable magical talent. The college has reached its peak under her wise leadership.

Faction: Canas’ Enlightenment

Type: Magic

Lv.5 Talent: In the maze, “Apprentice Suit” attributes enhanced: Increase the Power by 8%

Lv.5 Skill: As the leader of Bracada College, Principal Gumball is gifted with Charisma. She can deter all the enemies and have their Attack decreased by 6 each 3 rounds

When selected, enter the maze with “Magic Textbook”X3.

Revenge Archer

Revenge Archer Gumball lost her home forever when Abyss invaded her town.  Since then, all her life was about training, assassination, and revenge. Again and again, she makes herself stronger and stronger after every battle.

Faction: Ranger’s Song

Type: Melee

Lv.5 Talent: Gumballs from the same faction deal an extra damage +4% when attacking demons (Endless mode only)

Lv.5 Skill: Revenge Archer Gumball mastered a great skill in those days of the ascetic training. When she attacks, there is a 25% chance to launch Revenge Projectiles and shoot 4 projectiles to attack the enemies randomly

When selected, enter the maze with a “Revenge Arrow”.

88 Gumball Carnival Events

To celebrate the anniversary of Gumball & Dungeons, the game will hold a bunch of events, including daily login rewards; carnival events and Time-Save pill rewards. Players can also exchange different rewards with the Healthy Pill obtained from the events!

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