Mob Psycho 100 Mobile RPG Opens its Server Today!

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The Chinese Version of mobile RPG Mob Psycho 100: Psychic Battle opens its server today (13th August). An english version is also expected to release this year.

Following the original plot of the anime, players will take an exorcising adventure together with Mob and his teacher Reigen Arataka (霊幻 新隆).


The original cast from the anime will reprise their roles in the fully-voiced main story. You can also form teams with the signature characters and use their psychic power during battles.

When Mob is at 100%, you can unleash his powerful ultimate skills, showcased in an impactful 3D animation.

Apart from the story mode, different missions are available in the game. Players can enjoy the school life with Mob, including taking gym classes to enhance his ability. You can also go fishing and exchange useful items!

Login Rewards

To celebrate the game launch, players logged in to the game can obtain SR Teruki Hanazawa (花沢 輝気) for present. SSR summon rate up event is also available!

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