LINE: Doraemon Park Starts Pre-registration, Releases Next Month

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LINE GAME opens the pre-registration of its latest puzzle-solving game LINE: Doraemon Park (LINE:ドラえもんパーク), which is set to be released next month.


The game invites players to take an adventure with the signature characters of Doraemon, as well as building a dream park of your own. You can even find Doraemo’s gadgets in the decorations, which comes with one-page original manga!

Items and coins can be earned through the match-three games, while matching the dorayaki (red bean pancake) can create special effects!

Game Demo

For those who can’t wait for it to be released, a game demo is available on the official website and you are welcome to check it out!

Game Demo:

Pre-registration Rewards

Diamonds and heart (stamina) can be obtained if you share the news to your LINE friends or follow the official LINE / twitter account!


Official Site

Official Twitter

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