New Anime Confirmed for BL Manga The World's Greatest First Love!

Mr. Qoo

In celebration of the fifth anniversary of Kadokawa’s Emerald magazine, a new anime is confirmed for Shungiku Nakamura’s (中村春菊) BL hit manga The World’s Greatest First Love: The Case of Onodera Ritsu, under the title of The World’s Greatest First Love~Proposal Arc~ (世界一初恋~プロポーズ編~).

Although no further details are revealed, a new visual is posted showcasing the two protagonist Ritsu Onodera (小野寺 律) and Masamune Takano (高野 政宗). The series follows the romantic love story of the pair as they work as newly recruited manga editor and editor-in-chief in the shōjo manga department.

Written and illustrated by Shungiku Nakamura, the manga currently have 14 tankōbon volumes as of May, 2019. It was adapted into an anime television series, while the first and second seasons premiered in April and October 2011.

An anime film adaptation, The Case of Takafumi Yokozawa, was also released on March, 2014, focusing on the love line between Zen Kirishima (桐嶋禅) and Takafumi Yokozawa (横澤隆史).

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