Fighter’s Love Coming this Autumn! The King of Fighters for Girls Pre-registration Starts!

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Based on SNK’s fighting game franchise “The King of Fighters”, “The King of Fighters for Girls” now opens for pre-registration. Developed by Victor Entertainment Games, the otome game is expected to be released this autumn.

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As the female manager of some of the world’s greatest fighters, players can enjoy the original game story and have the opportunity to date the 13 KOF signature characters and two original characters.


You recently lose your house and your job as your company went bankrupt. Somehow you end up becoming the manager of a fighter training facility in Shibuya. There you meet Kyo Kusanagi (草薙京), who asks you to become his personal manager, thus opening the doors to meet the other iconic fighters in the KOF tournament.





Players will be able to enjoy the original story based on the KOF characters and train the fighters with its simple nurturing system.

Characters and Cast

■ The protagonist (Name is changeable)

■ Kyo Kusanagi (草薙京) – CV:Tomoaki Maeno (前野智昭)

■ Benimaru Nikaido (二階堂紅丸) – CV:Genki Okawa (大河元気)

■ Shingo Yabuki (矢吹真吾) – CV:Takehito Koyasu (子安武人)

■ Iori Yagami (八神庵) – CV:Takanori Hoshino (星野貴紀)

■ Terry Bogard – CV: Takashi Kondō (近藤隆)

■ Andy Bogard – CV: Toshinari Fukamachi(深町寿成)

■ Joe Higashi – CV: Chiharu Sawashiro(沢城千春)

■ Ryo Sakazaki (リョウ・サカザキ) – CV: Subaru Kimura (木村昴)

■ Robert Garcia – CV:Kazuhiro Okamoto (岡本和浩)

■ Bao – CV:Shun Horie (堀江瞬)

■ K’ – CV:Yūki Ono (小野友樹)

■ Maxima – CV:Katsuyuki Konishi (小西克幸)

■ Billy Kane – CV:Haruki Ishiya(石谷春貴)
■ Nagi (ナギ) – CV:Daisuke Hirakawa (平川大輔) *Original Character

■ Yumi (ヨミ) – CV:Makoto Furukawa (古川慎) *Original Character

Pre-registration Rewards

■20,000:Crystal X 10, Stamina Recover Item X 2 , Revealing Special Story Part 1
■30,000:Crystal X 20, Revealing Special Story Part 2
■50,000:Crystal X 30, Character selecting gacha, Revealing Special Story Part 3
■70,000:Crystal X 35, Revealing Special Story Part 4
■100,000:Crystal X 40, Revealing Special Story Part 5

The King of Fighters for Girls in TGS

The King of Fighters for Girls will be joining TGS 2019 in Tokyo on 12th -15th September, 2019 with their first-revealing merchandise! Don’t miss the chance to take these fighters home!

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