Everything is an Illusion: Review on TV Anime BEM EP6

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It is a solid episode with complete storyline for this week BEM. Although execution is flawed and improvement is still needed for character portrayals, It is still fun to watch. It is good to see that the “monster” this week is no villain and this time, superhuman comes under spotlight.

Known as the gravity man, Val gains applause for his unusual performance with his little partner, Harazy, in an illusion circus. Apparently, he can control gravity around an object, and thus alternating its weight. It looks pretty amazing when little Harazy holds the feather-like weighting rock and even makes it pop like a balloon.

His performance wins the heart of the audience, including Bella, who was invited by her classmate Roddy to watch the circus show. She later becomes friends with the little Harazy, and gets intrigued by the bonding between the two. Although rumors say that Harazy was kidnapped by Val and he was responsible for the gruesome murder lately in the city, it is hard for Bella to believe that a kind man like Val would hurt others intentionally.

Bella is right after all. A twist comes as Val is indeed not the one with power, Harazy is. People were sent to catch Harazy because of her potent power and they have what it get what’s coming, while Harazy is just self-defense. The rumors forced Val and Harazy to flee and Bella decides to help the pair.

Though it is not hard to foresee what is coming, the relationship between Val and Harazy is heartwarming enough to keep you in the show. The explicit customs of Val speaks his tragic past as a fugitive astronaut. The fact that he was pulled into a gravitational singularity during a space mission and pass-through space time sounds really like the plot of a sci-fi movie.

Applause is given to the writer, who is apparently trying to add something new to the show. But if he is trying to keep his identity a secret, there is no way he is wearing that spacesuit-like customs even with the fact that he could no longer live in the atmosphere on earth due to the incident. He can at least can lose that helmet considering that he has already worn a mask.

After the incident, Val becomes a laboratory rat and there, he found Harazy, who was brought to the facilities due to her unique ability. Soon they become bonded as kindred spirits, while Val took Harazy and ran away from the facility. All this time, the villains have to gain power by remodelling themselves. It turns out that humans can also born with power. The line between human and monster is again blurred.

The ending is no good as Felt pulls the string and corner Val and Harazy at the Harbour. He is also an illusionist at a certain point, as he was the one who spread rumors in the city and drive the pair to a dead end.“The hidden council” may be the one who do experiments on Val and Harazy, but the truth is untold yet.

The desperation of little Harazy is heart-breaking, but it gives the audience very little time to mourn as the story ends abruptly after Felt captures Harazy. A follow-up would be great if Bella manages to free Harazy from the bad guy.

The plot is not bad, but the time limit of each episode really affect how the story is told. Maybe it is best to divide the story into two episodes, so it can give the audience more time to digest. The title of the next episode, Chimera, gives a very bad feeling when the story is heading back to Daryl. How Daryl is going to avenge for his father is not so hard to predict.

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