You Can Cook Curry in Pokemon Sword and Shield?!

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Today (5th September), Nintendo revealed new information on the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield during their Nintendo Direct. In addition to new Pokemon, Nintendo also revealed new features in the game including improved character customizations, camping, and cooking curry!

Character Customization

In the upcoming game, players will have more variety of clothing and accessories to choose from when customizing their character. The game will also include different hairstyles for players to choose from to make their characters more personal.

Pokemon Camp

As players adventure through the new region, they will be able to set up camp. Once their camp is set up, they will be able to interact with their Pokemon, deepening their relationship outside of battle. As players grow closer to their Pokemon, their Pokemon will also get stronger during battle!

Additionally, players will also be able to visit other player’s camp in the Wild Area.

Curry Dex?!

When players set up their camp, they will also be able to try the new feature of the game, Cooking Curry on Rice! Players will be able to choose different ingredients to use in their curry to create different types of curry, each with different effects. The game will feature over 100 different types of curry!

New Pokemon

During the Nintendo Direct, two new Pokemon was revealed. The first is Polteageist, a ghost-type Pokemon with a body made of tea. Polteageist has a special ability called Weak Armor, but no details were shown during the Direct.

The second Pokemon revealed was Cramorant, a flying & water-type pokemon with a special ability called Gulp Missile. When Cramorant uses Surf or Dive in combat, it will also swallow a catch. If attacked with a catch in its mouth, it will spit out the catch at its opponent as a sort of counter-attack.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will launch on Nintendo Switch 15th November.

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