Monster Strike Spin-off Game Monster Dream Company Officially Launches Today!

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The spin-off game of mixi’s worldwide mobile hit Monster Strike, Monster Dream Company (モンストドリームカンパニー) officially launches today (6th September).

The game allows players to build the company of your dreams and battle against the opponent companies to earn fundings in the dice battles.


The game draws reference from Japanese board game Sugoroku (双六), while players have to move forward by drawing dice and defending the enemies’ attack. Players also need to collect enough funding in limited moves.

With enough funding, players can build different themed workplace, such as office, club and Izakaya restaurant. The signature characters from Monster Strike will also appear in the game as different identities.

The game supports four-player mode and you can win more awards by joining hands with your friends. Come and play with your friends and obtain Character Gabriel!

Game Launch Celebration Campaign

To celebrate the game launch, login bonus will be presented to all players and players can obtain a total of 50 gacha tickets.

Character Tsukuyomi (お月様 ツクヨミ) will also be presented to players who login in 15 consecutive days.

Special gacha is also launched where you can obtain some rare characters!

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