Everything Revealed at the LovePlus Every TGS2019 Special Stage Event!

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After delays after delays, KONAMI fills fans once again with hopes today (12th September), at a special stage event for LovePlus Every at TGS2019. This time, the game is set to release in November 2019.

Cosplayer Enako dressed up as the series’ heroine Manaka Takane and played a demo live. In her gameplay, she showcased fans’ most anticipated feature – VR date. Players’ character started out with his body buried in sand in a beach setting. Then Manaka appeared in her bikini, laid down, and joined him for an afternoon nap. KONAMI said there would be much more than just simply napping together. Players will have to play and find out what happen after the nap themselves.

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This VR beach date which is scheduled to launch before Summer 2020 will come only after pre-registration hits the 300k milestone. An AR mode is also in development.

A few extra announcements were made near the end of the event. Eight LovePlus digital comics are coming on 17th September. A LovePlus Every album that includes the game’s theme song “Can you feel me? ~私を見つけて~” will arrive on 11th December.

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