The Doctor that Kills: Anime Review on To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts EP11

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With one more episode to go, this season “To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts” (かつて神だった獣たちへ) is reaching to its climax. Just as its title of this week’s episode, “The Start of Troubles”, it looks like The nation of Patria is in war again.

The Northern Union of Patria finally gets the tail of Cain, who built a fortress to protect the Free Nation of New Patria. The fortress is guarded by Miles Byron, a Centaurus Incarnate, who is especially good at archery. Apparently, he is one of the strongest Incarnates we have seen so far, considering that he can aim at his opponents in distance and takes them down in silence.

Also, he is probably one of the cruelest Incarnate as sometimes he chooses to attack up close with his spear in order to feel the fear of his victims. The battle scene is extremely brutal when the soldiers of Northern Union of Patria tries to break into the fortress. The fast stab of Miles slaughters the soldiers in seconds and there is nothing that the soldier could do to fight back.

The backstory of Miles is rather impressive. As a military doctor, he witnessed the cruelty of war. When he realized that he could save people and get praised for it more effectively by slaughtering enemies than tending to the wounded, his mind was tainted in a certain extent.

Although it doesn’t really explain the insanity he is in right now, we know that he joined the arm force with good intentions. More portrayals are prefered to showcase the moral struggle he must have undergone to change from healing people to killing them. While the battle between Hank and Miles is not yet finished, maybe there is something emotional that we can expect.

The heart-warming conversation between Hank and Schaal gets attention and it gives certain reliefs to this intense situation. I am glad that they gradually bonds together as a father-and-daughter-like relations. The closer they are, Hank has a greater chance to survive and that’s all I wish for this anime series.

The scheme of Cain is definitely something that we look forward to. His vision of building a utopia for humans and the Incarnates sounds dubious. We are going to find out his true intention soon in the near future. The story is obviously not finished even the anime series is ending soon, but a good episode is always welcome to conclude this season.

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