Capcom Project Resistance @ TGS2019

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After its announcement, Capcom’s Project: Resistance has captured the hearts of both gamers and fans of Resident Evil. Prior to TGS2019, Capcom revealed that interested players will be able to register to try for the demo at TGS2019.

Project Resistance @ TGS2019

As one of the main line-up titles for Capcom, Project resistances featured it’s own special corner at Capcom’s booth this year. Attendees who registered to try the demo will first watch an introduction video to the game, showcasing the basic gameplay of the game.

Project Resistance is a 1-vs-4 game where our survivors play against one “Mastermind”. The survivors are tasked with trying to escape from each map before the time runs out. On the other hand, the mastermind’s goal is to try and prevent the survivors from escaping through controlling various elements in the zones, from tracking survivors through security cameras to spawning zombies and locking doors to separate survivors.

As players complete tasks that help them escape, time will be added to the timer, giving them more time to move towards their ultimate goal. Alternatively, every effective action made against the survivors by the mastermind will take time off the timer. All players will be thrust upon a race against time to complete their ultimate objective.

Gameplay Overview

All attendees who try the game will also be rewarded with a special Project Resistance t-shirt.

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