Details on KONAMI's "Ultimate Mobile" TGS2019 Corner

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During TGS2019, KONAMI created a special corner for their Ultimate Mobile project which brings some of the company’s most iconic arcade rhythm games to mobile. The project first announced that Beatmania II DX, Sound Voltex, and Dance Dance Revolution was going to be ported to mobile at JAEXPO 2019.

As one of the main line-up for the company, Ultimate Mobile had a special corner at TGS where attendees can try the mobile versions of the iconic arcade games. Additionally, a special stage event also revealed more information on the project. The project is expected to feature over 100 free songs from the company’s iconic arcade games. The games will have a monthly subscription program that will give subscribers access to more songs. New songs from the arcade games will also be available in the Ultimate Mobile games.

During the special stage event, KONAMI revealed a loop feature in Beatmania IIDC Ultimate Mobile. The new feature will allow players to practice in a more efficient manner.

At the special corner for the Ultimate Mobile project, there were also playable demos for all three games on both mobile devices and tablets.

Ultimate Project is currently available for pre-registration. For more details, stay tuned to QooApp.

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