Dynamax Pokemon Spotted Through the Pokemon Camera

Mr. Qoo Switch

Today (20th September), The Pokemon Company launched a new “Pokemon Camera” website to promote the upcoming entry to the Pokemon RPG series, Pokemon Sword & Shield.


On the Pokemon Camera website, Pokemon fans will be able to upload or take a picture with the sky included in the background. The website will then randomly key in Dynamax-ed Pokemon in the background. One completed, fans will be able to download the image and share it on their own social network platforms.



What is Dynamax

Dynamax is a new phenomenon that will be introduced in Pokemon Sword & Shield. Dynamax will turn trainers’ Pokemon into massive forms and boost their skills into max forms, powerful versions that can only be unleashed during Dynamax. Unlike Mega-evolutions, Dynamax only lasts for three turns, so mastering the timing for Dynamax will be crucial to being the best Pokemon trainer in the new generation!

Pokemon Sword & Shield is due out 15th November exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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