The Dumpster: Review on TV Anime BEM EP9

Mr. Qoo

Last week, we watched one of the most horribly-designed villains from the series, while things don’t really get better this week, but at least the story is moving to its climax.

An extremely good guy, Gavin Briggs suddenly appears, showcasing his intention to help Bem and other humanoid monsters. He appears to be a charitable and idealistic politician who wants to end the division between the Upper Town and Outside.

He actually raises some good points about the people from Upper Town tossing away the things that they don’t want to see to the Outside, such as criminals, the poor and the abandoned. Bem is one of them. It certainly takes reference from the current social issue of segregation between upper- and lower-class. Sadly, this guy suddenly comes from nowhere, and the show has given him so little time to prove his arguments.

I don’t think it is appropriate for Gavin to consider humanoid monster as some kind of diseases, which can be cured and made human. It reminds me of the old prejudice that homosexuality is a disease. Though Gavin expresses that he wants to be friends with Bem, I don’t think he really accept him for who he is.

We finally gets to know what Bem is thinking in this episode. Being immortal, Bem has watched many humans over the course of his long life. The unlimited time freezes his emotions and he is jealous of the short, yet thriving life that humans have. It explains why he wanted to become humans, as he thinks a lifespan is a beautiful thing that gives existence to its true meaning.

It turns out that the secret weapon of Dr. Recycle is the ninja that Belo killed. His “Nin Nin” talking still bothers me, but it seems that he is upgraded to a rather strong version. While we start to learn about Gavin, he soon dies in the hands of the ninja…

Gavin is introduced in such a rush way that, in the end, it doesn’t even matter as he was killed either way. His purpose is to make the existence of the Unseen Council known to our protagonist as well as providing human bondings to Bem. He paves the way for Bem’s anger so that he would hold resentment to the Unseen Council.

I can’t wait to see the rival scene between Bem and the Unseen Council, while little Daryl joining the Council is a bit unexpected. Though I don’t think he would be useful in any way, it would certainly bring a bad influence to Belo.

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