My Hero Academia: One's Justice 2 Teased!

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Following the first console spin-off fighting game for My Hero Academia, Bandai Namco has launched a new teaser website for what appears to be a sequel to the first game, My Hero Academia: One’s Justice 2!

As of this moment, Bandai Namco has only revealed that the game will be similar to the first game, in which, players will be able to engage in 1-vs-1 fights using their favorite My Hero Academia characters and their quirks.

According to the official website for the TV anime series, a teaser PV will be released on the teaser website soon.

More information on the game is also expected to be revealed soon at New York Comic-Con.

My Hero Academia: One’s Justice is slated for PS4, Nintendo Switch, and digital-only on Xbox One. The release date for the game has yet to be announced.

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My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia: One’s Justice is a fighting game based on Kohei Horikoshi’s popular My Hero Academia series. The game was released for PS4 and Switch on 23rd August in Japan. In One’s Justice, players will be able to pick their favorite heroes/quirks and fight against each other. The stages will feature breakable environments to give players an immersive experience of using devastating quirks.

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