Things Go Downhill: Review on TV Anime BEM EP10

Mr. Qoo

With three more episodes to its finale, this week BEM goes downhill real fast. The Unseen Council finally succeeds in capturing Bem and the secret of the mysterious lady is unveiled.

The scene of the Unseen Council is as stunning as always and I will always be the fan of the colourful church-like stained glass window. Named Bega, the mysterious lady is indeed another humanoid monster, who exists far longer than Bem. According to her confession, she was a creation from an alchemist over a hundred year ago. Her identity as a humanoid monster is no surprise, but the fact that she comes from Ingolstadt is quite a shocker.

Many may know that Ingolstadt, Germany is the setting of the famous literature Frankenstein, written by Mary Shelley, telling the story of scientist Victor Frankenstein, who created the monster. With its legendary accounts from the earliest days of the study of modern medicine, the city also documented legends where alchemists partaking in anatomical experiments.

Apparently, the setting of Bega takes reference from the world’s most famous monsters, but the pride that Bega holds as a humanoid monster shows her distinctiveness. Referring to humans as an ignorant creature, she disagrees with Bem’s intention to become human. She believes humanoid monsters have a higher status than the humans, and thus staying in the dark to control Libra.

Her character setting is extremely interesting, but unfortunately not much description is made in this episode and her true intention on Bem is still unknown. It seems that capturing Bem alive is her top priority, instead of using her own ability (which is extremely powerful and put Bem in hell), she commands Horazy to do the trick. Perhaps she feels Bem as one of her kind and she needs a companion joining her to rule over Libra. I am also surprised that Horazy is so strong that Bem can’t fight her ability even though he transforms into his second form.

But whether Bem is really her kind is questionable, as Bem, Bela and Belo may not necessarily be created by humans. It makes more sense when they are born as a natural monster, so that their wishes to become human is impossible and his undeniable truth makes their situation increasingly miserable.

The relationship between Bem and Sonia also draws attention. There is a moment when Sonia said that she trusted Bem even though she knew his true form. I am glad that Bem’s efforts have finally paid off, and we finally see hope in a society where the contraction between monsters and humans is escalating. It is understandable for Sonia to take times in accepting Bem, and it is hoped that humans can find a way to accept the existence of the humanoid monster when time passes.

Felt continues to be a horrible person, but it seems that he has no idea that his boss from the Unseen Council is also a humanoid monster. I am intrigued by how it is going to affect his loyalty towards the Council, considering that he has no reason to assist a monster. I don’t think he would suddenly become a good person, as he is practically the villain in this anime. Hopefully he would be a key person to overthrow the Unseen Council, instead of Daryl, who joins the Council in order to obtain power over the city.

The episode ends at an urging scene where Bem is captured by the Unseen Council, and it is the first time that Bela and Belo are separated from their leader. Just as them, I am worried about what happens to Bem and hope that they will find a way to fight against the powerful Bega.

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