Upcoming Sci-fi Boxing Anime Levius Announced Cast Members

Mr. Qoo
TV anime adaptation of Haruhisa Nakata (中田春彌) boxing manga Levius (レビウス) announces cast members today (3rd October). The 3D CG anime is a Netflix exclusive and will premiere this winter. Ajin chief director Hiroyuki Seshita (瀬下 寛之) is credited as chief director for the anime, while Ajin movie unit director Keisuke Ide (井手 恵介) is directing the anime at Polygon Pictures. Series composition is Ajin and Attack on Titan script writer Hiroshi Seko (瀬古 浩司) and he will be penning scripts alongside Saga of Tanya the Evil movie script writer Kenta Ihara (猪原健太).


Young Levius has lost a lot in the war. His father is dead, and he lost an arm trying to protect his mother, who is in a coma. Now his arm has been replaced by a metal prosthetic, and his Uncle Zacks has taken him in. The traumatized Levius soon begins to take an interest in cyborg boxing, and his uncle helps him get into the world of this brutal sport.

Characters and Casts

■ Levius Cromwell - CV: Nobunaga Shimazaki (島崎信長) ■ Zachs Cromwell - CV: Junichi Suwabe (諏訪部順一) ■ Bill Weinberg - CV: Takahiro Sakurai (櫻井孝宏) ■ Natalia Garnet - CV: Ayane Sakura (佐倉綾音) ■ Malcolm Eden - CV:Houchu Ohtsuka (大塚芳忠) ■ Hugo Stratas - CV:Daisuke Ono (小野大輔) ■ Mysterious beauty - CV:Saori Hayami (早見沙織) ■ Dr. Crown - CV:Mamoru Miyano (宮野真守)

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