HAL Egg Upcoming Mobile Game “The Highest Step Count Wins! Kame Sanpo” Pre-registration Starts!

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The smartphone brand of Kirby’s Dream Land developer HAL Laboratory, HAL Egg reveals details of its latest smartphone game “The Highest Step Count Wins! Kame Sanpo” (歩数で勝負!!カメさんぽ). Expected to be released in October, the game starts pre-registration today (3rd October).




The game is a second creation from renowned Japanese developer HAL Egg, following the release of smartphone game “Part Time UFO”. “The Highest Step Count Wins! Kame Sanpo” makes use of your smartphone pedometer. The moment you open the game, you will be competing with different adorable turtles, and the one with the highest daily step count wins.

Check out over 40 turtles with different styles: one has helicopter at its tail, one moves with skateboard, one even looks like a cat!? Different turtles have different walking features and more turtles will be available later!

Different items is also available to help you take advantage in the race! For instance, you can use rocket to move faster or use the fishing rod to move your rivals to the starting point!

Apart from the Normal Walking Mode, players can also challenge stronger turtles in the Challenge Mode and wins special trophy!


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歩数で勝負!! カメさんぽ Turtle Step Count 歩数で勝負!! カメさんぽ HAL Laboratory, Inc. 4 More
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