A Public Trial is Just a Joke: Review on TV Anime BEM EP11

Mr. Qoo

This week Bem brings quite a twist by putting the humanoid monster to a public trial. However, as expected, it is not a fair trial.

To be honest, I never would have thought that this secret will be put in a broad daylight. When Bem was caught by Bega last episode, some sort of torture or execution is expected and it all ended by Bela and Belo saving the leader of their little group. However, the show never tries to make the life of Bem easier with an unfair trial that driving him up the wall.

Bem is accused to hold responsibility of the murder of Gavin Biggs, who appears in EP9. He tried to persuade the humans to accept the existence of humanoid monster, but sadly died in the hands of the creation of Dr. Recycle. While he died by protecting humanoid monster, now his death is to press charges on one, how ironic is that!

With Felt as the prosecutor of the humanoid monster case, every evidence is manipulated to go against Bem and he was indicted for all the recent murder at the Outside. Though Sonia attempts to defend Bem, her statement is weak and futile without the support of actual proof. It is shocking to know how incompetence she is as a police, considering that she failed to catch all the true culprit of every murder.

In spite of that, she makes some good points in regards to the discrimination between Upperside and Outside. While humans have a bad habit in evading the unpleasant and undesirable things, they build an invisible wall to segregate themselves. They do the same in the issue of humanoid monsters and try to exterminate them before even understanding who they really are. Though this dark side of humans is not perfectly portrayed, it is good to see that this problem has been highlighted.

As the true identity of Belo and Bela is also revealed, the response between their friends is really interesting. Unlike Belo’s friends from the Outside, who accepted Belo for who he really is, Bela’s friends from the Upperside sell Bela out to the police and described her as “gross and scary”.

Although being looked down upon, the people from the Outside seems to have a stronger ability to accept the unknown. Perhaps the brutal environment of the Outside allows them to distinguish between good and evil. People have different facets and it is fundamentally wrong by judgingone only by him/ her cover. On the contrary, people from the Upperside use to consider others as inferior and it is easy for them to apply the same theory on the humanoid monsters.

At the end, Bem is judged as guilty and will be electrically executed for his sin. It is heart-breaking to see that Bem refuses to say a word to defend himself. Deep down, he still believes in humans and is willing to accept the fate that they put him through. I am moved by the fact that his only saying during the whole trial is “Thank you.”

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