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Netmarble MMORPG TERA ORIGIN Preload Starts! 10/10 Server Opens!

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Netmarble upcoming MMORPG TERA ORIGIN (テラオリジン) is now available for preload and its server will open on 10th October, 11 am (JPT).

The game is a mobile spin-off of the popular Korean MMORPG from 2011, Tera Online. It will inherit the core gameplay from its predecessor. Players will be able to re-explore the world of Tera Online on mobile with mobile ARPG controls.


Long-time fans of the series can expect a game with the races and locations from TERA, but now with more action-oriented game mechanics. 3v3 team battles and 50v50 guild battles will be available.

The game offers six playable classes, including Priest, Archer, Fighter, Slayer, Alchemist, and Lancer. A special race ‘Ravens’ is also available, which can attach to your weapons to improve certain stats. Each Raven has a different element and will confer that element to your character when attached.

Class PV

■ Priest – CV: Maaya Uchida (内田 真礼)

■ Archer – CV: Oomori Mai (大森舞)

■ Fighter – CV: Ellen Taira (平流エレン)

■ Slayer: CV: Jun Osuka (大須賀純)

■ Alchemist – CV: Kawada Hiroko (川田 ひろ子)

■ Lancer- CV: Hasu Takehiro (連岳大)


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