GCREST Latest Otome Game Hoshinari Echoes Reveals Gameplay Video and Opens for CBT

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100 Sleeping Princes & the Kingdom of Dreams developer GCREST reveals a gameplay video for its latest otome game Hoshinari Echoes (星鳴エコーズ). The game also calls for CBT applicants.


The game originally scheduled to release in spring, 2019 and has been delayed. The release date is not yet confirmed.


50 years ago, seven shooting stars fell on earth and created seven huge towers. The mysterious power of the tower brought dark creatures and the world was placed under fear. However, after countless attempts, humans developed a weapon against the towers and the specially-trained individuals who wield the power was named “Scepter”.

Today, on a star-shape island flowing on Tokyo Bay there is Hoshinari Academy, a school tasked with the job of nurturing “Scepter” that help prevent the mysterious hazard.

You – who have the power of “echo” and the power to help “Scepter” reach their full potential – are the teacher of Hoshinari Academy and the manager of their dormitory. Together, your students and you create the most harmonic echoes.

Gameplay Video


Players can enjoy the fully-voiced main story, as well as individual story and echoe story.



Players will have to explore the tower and battle against the dark creature inside. The echo system allows the character to unleash greater attacks when the teams have higher echo level.



The team can also unleash joint attack when the Limit Gauge reaches its fullest.


Players can decorate the rooms of the dormitory and initiate special story when specified characters gather in the same room.



More voice can be obtained when you interact with or give presents to the characters.


Closed Beta Test

The game now calls for iOS and Android players to join the closed beta test. Players can apply the test until 31st October through here. The test will be held on 5th November, 12pm to 8th November, 12 pm.


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