Mobile idol game A3! is now available for download

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Mobile idol game A3!(エースリー)is now available for download. A3! is a simulation game where players get to nurture theatre actors. The game is developed by Liberent Entertainment.

The story happens in the town of Veludo(ビロード). Players play the role of an ex-theatre actor but take up the position of the director of a theatre group. The group has only one member and owes a lot of money. It is the players’ job to make the group thrive again.

Players can now receive premium medals(プレミアムメダル)x 5 and diamond(ダイヤ)x 250 as a pre-registration reward.

A3! A3! | Japanese A3! 株式会社リベル・エンタテインメント 4.6 More
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