Pokémon Sword & Shield Final Trailer Released

Mr. Qoo Switch

Pokemon Sword & Shield is due out in a few days. To celebrate, the official Pokémon Youtube channel has released a new “FINAL PV” for the game.

The final trailer highlights all the previously revealed features of the game, from the unprecedented Wild Area to the Dynamax system and previously announced new Pokémon.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield will launch on Nintendo Switch 15th November.

About the Game

Pokémon Sword & Shield are the latest titles to the world-renowned Pokémon RPG series. Players will be able to explore the brand new Galar Region and meet new never-seen-before pokemon as they take on a new adventure. From the footage revealed, players will also be able to encounter and catch existing Pokémon from previous titles of the series.

Final PV

Official Site

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