Otome ADV "Kemono X Hanayome" Reveals Cast and Winter Release

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KONPEIDO’s upcoming otome ADV Kemono X Hanayome (ケモノの従者と王子の花嫁/ transl. The Beast’s Followers and the Prince’s Bride) reveals cast members. The game is set to release this winter.


The heroine is a writer in SF magazine. One day, three humanified beasts visit you and claim that they are seeking a worthy bride for their prince. Considering that it would be a good story for your magazine, you decide to start the journey with those beasts.

Character and Cast

■ Lezard – CV: Haruki Kiyama (丘山晴己)

■ Arendt – CV: Keisuke Yamauchi (山内圭輔)

■ Mao – CV: Yūki Torigoe (鳥越裕貴)


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ケモノの従者と王子の花嫁 Kemono X Hanayome ケモノの従者と王子の花嫁 RIZ Inc.
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