Asobism & OINK Games Suspends DUNGEONMAN Development

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Earlier this year, Asobim’s Moriyama Studio announced that they will be working together with Oink Games to develop a new mobile battle RPG titled “DUNGEONMAN”. Today (25th November), Moriyama Studio announced that the game will no longer be developed.

The official announcement did not mention any reasons as to why the game is canceled so abruptly but on Moriyama’s (the person in charge of the project) personal Twitter account, he talks about various reasons including the misalignment with the company’s future direction, leading to the suspension of the game.

In early October, the game launched a closed beta test. In the official announcement, the company mentioned that all data collected during the beta will be handled with care and that all the data will be deleted before November ends.

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About the Game

DUNGEONMAN is a mobile real-time battle RPG where players can each summon a monster and fight for 60 seconds. The player who deals the most damage in the given time wins. The game will also feature different dungeons with different difficulty settings. In these dungeons, players will have to survive and explore to obtain materials to strengthen the monsters they collect.

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