KENN and Maeno Tomoaki Join Crimson Clan

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Taito (タイトー) and Idea Factory (アイディアファクトリ) recently announced that KENN (ケン) and Maeno Tomoaki (前野智昭) will voice the new characters in the otome mobile game Crimson Clan (クリムゾンクラン).


The new characters are designed by Sarachiyomi (さらちよみ), setting in a clan named “Ark” (アーク). KENN and Maeno will voice as a doctor and his assistant (as well as his patient) respectively.

New Characters

■ Chiaki Tokitou (時東千明) – CV: KENN (ケン)
A doctor in Kasumigaoka. He is humble but also cautious about not to disclose his real emotions and intentions. He seems to have been a reputable researcher in the past.


■ Hozumi Hanabusa (英穂澄) – CV: Maeno Tomoaki (前野智昭)
Chiaki’s assistant as well as patient with a cheerful personality.


About Crimson Clan

Crimson Clan is a dark-fantasy mobile game with battle, and raising elements presented by Taito and Otomate in 2019. The story is set against a backdrop of a dark fantasy game. The protagonist, Akasaki Mirai (朱崎未来) has downloaded a mysterious app, Crimson Clan, and is involved into a deadly survival game. In order to survive, she has to develop bonding with people from different “clan”, though they may turn their backs on her at anytime.

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