Otome Game Promise of Wizard Now Available for Download!

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Developed by coly, the mastermind behind otome game“Stand My Heroes” and “On Air!”, Promise of Wizard (魔法使いの約束) is now available for download!

Based on the character design of illustrator Dangmill (ダンミル), the game is written by Idolish7’s writer Bunta Tsushimi (都志見文太).


Set in a world where humans and wizards co-exist, the rise of a gigantic moon brings hazard and terror on the five magical lands. A group of young wizards step up, trying to bring back the peaceful time. The protagonist, who drops into this magical world accidentally, is treated as the mage and entrusted to save the world. You were joined by the young wizards in order to face the crisis ahead.

Game System

The game features a fully-voiced main story. Players will be able to nurture the young wizards and even determine the types of magic that they use. The characters’ costumes will change as they grow.

During the nurturing process, you will unlock special episodes and enable the character to obtain different characteristics, such as calmness or serious.

After nurturing the wizard, you can assign them to go on a mission. You will be building three teams according to the weather or terrain of the location, and challenging other wizards (players).

Opening Movie

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